How are you?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt about your ability to be and do all that others expect of you?
  • Do you feel guilty for not giving adequate time to your family or friends?
  • Have you been told that you should take better care of yourself and still unable to do so?

If any of the above questions are part of your life, you are part of the overloaded world. We understand because we have been there and have found the way out of the overloaded world.

Your Are Not Alone

The International Coaching Federation surveyed its members to find the main reasons for which people seek the service of professional life and executive coaches. The survey included 15 categories. Here are the results and how we can help:

  • 41% rated self-esteem as the number one reason for which people seek the help of a professional coach. We live in a world that tells us we “are not good enough.” The first objective of the Strengths Workshop is to help you discover your strengths as a reflection of God’s image and this affirms you in God’s love. This is the greatest antidote to the problem of low self-esteem.
  • 36% rated work-life balance as the number one reason for which people seek the help of a professional coach. The testimonies of our clients confirm how the Overcoming Overload Workshop can help you prioritize your life roles and fulfill your callings.

The Strengths Workshop 

To help you discover your God-given strengths and fulfill your life callings. By this you will enjoy the abundant life Jesus came to give you. John 10:10

The Overcoming Overload Workshop

To help you overcome the overloaded world as you collaborate, delegate, and communicate more effectively.

What Do We Offer?

Through the pages of this website, you will see the pictures and read the testimonies of some of the clients we have served through our workshops, coaching practice and our totally free ministry.

This website is an access point to all the resources we have used. Our desire is to help you and equip you to help others.

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Your Sweet Spot Seminar

In a changing world there are great opportunities to thrive.  Here you will find thinking and planning framework to help you find your way.

Your Golden Years Seminar 

These could be the best years of your life.  We know. We are living the golden years. You will find plans to live to the fullest and finish well

White PapersStrengths In Making Disciples

Using the model of Jesus we will help you use our free resources in supporting  your vison to fulfill the great commission.