He Greatest Gift You Can Give

This holiday season deposit love in someone’s bank account.

Some psychologists suggest that we each have an emotional bank account. The demands placed on us generate withdrawals from our emotional bank account. I do not know about you but I cope much better with physical and mental demands and find that emotional stresses wear me out.

Deposits into our emotional bank account are made by those who are important to us.  Those who are close to us have a unique ability to energize us and build us up. Our emotional bank accounts need to be replenished by our family and friends as they communicate love to us.

This holiday season may your emotional bank account be replenished by the love you receive and may you find ways to make special deposits in the hearts of those you love.

What is your currency?

By the way, emotional bank accounts have unique currencies. What is your currency? What is the currency of those you love?

Watch this short 3 minutes video to find some clues.

Want to find your love language? Click here for a short assessment tool.

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