Planning Your Freedom Years

These are the best years of your life. Impact your world for good and finish well.

The freedom years come in four stages:

  1. Limited Freedom: It is not mid-life; you are free to invest in what matters most.
  2. Extended Freedom: Now you are free to be the best you could be.
  3. Helpful Freedom: Now you are free to seek the help you deserve.
  4. Ultimate Freedom: Free from your human nature, now live with God.

For each of these stages, you need a plan.  You need a plan that integrates your:

  • Your physical well-being
  • Your emotional well-being
  • your financial well-being
  • Your spiritual well-being.

Let this webinar be your starting point. 


“After many years in the corporate world, I was starting my own life coaching and facilitation practice. This workshop was quite timely. I found it very enlightening!  It provided great information, ideas, strategies, and tools. It is confidence building; I definitely recommend this workshop to others considering career or ministry changes.” 

This workshop allowed me to have a better understanding of my God-given strengths and how to leverage them to get a new job or to implement those strengths at my current job and church ministry. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others if you are looking for a new goal, personal growth, and development.”

What Do You Get from This Webinar?

Our objective is to help you live life to the fullest so you can finish well. How?  We will share thoughts, tips, and practical tools that will guide you as you discover.

  • A renewed purpose for your life
  • Retooled talents for new life roles
  • Revitalized relationships to impact your world
  • An objective plan to finish well.

This interactive webinar offers some self-discovery or coaching questions. These will help you identify your top talents, examine your life purpose, and plan for your freedom years. In addition, you will receive two valuable tools:

  • Our book, WHO CARES? Life Plans for the Golden Years will give you thoughts and tips to guide you in developing your plan.
  • BECAUSE I CARE will present a draft plan, with example data, that you can edit to create your plan for the freedom years.

Do You Need This?

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Regretfully, the majority of us fail to plan for the most inevitable life changes. The vast majority of us are reluctant to talk about these changes with family and friends. This webinar will give you the tools, not only to plan for the freedom years but also to engage your family and friends in your desires and plans for these amazing years.


As part of the Strengths Ministry, there is no charge for this webinar; participants are encouraged to make a free-will donation to their church or designated ministry.