We are glad to offer you simple tools that you can adapt to your unique church needs and leadership objectives.

Seminar Video

This 17-minute video serves as a catalyst for pastors and leaders as they engage in a Growing an Engaged Church discussion.


The following are some discussion questions:

  • What are the risks and symptoms of overloaded pastors and laborers in your church? See Indicator tools
  • What role does talent stewardship play in defining the roles of pastors and leaders in the church?
  • It was said, “We value what we measure and we measure what we value.” How do you measure and evaluate engagement in the church? See engagement Surveys 
  • As leaders, how do we exercise our stewardship of the talents God has provided in our churches? See modeling tool 

More?  Get the Engaged Church Discussion Paper.

See the related Strengths Workshop 

Overload Indicator Tools

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The following two links provide tools to help individuals and teams examine the level of overload among pastors and leadership teams:

  • Personal Overload Indicator: This short 10 statement personal indicator is extracted from a more comprehensive assessment we have used with participants in our Overcoming Overload Workshop. To access this assessment please go to http://integrity-plus.com/OG/Survey1Coach.asp and use project code COACH
  • Team Overload Indicator: Click this link to examine this survey example. It is created using free Google forms. We encourage you to create your own survey copies. Place them on your web hosting server and use it with your own ministry teams.

Church Engagement Surveys

The following three links provide tools for pastors and leaders to examine the level of engagement in the church family:

Strengths Team Modelling Tool


Based on extensive research scientists at the Gallup organization found that successful people focus on their strengths as they collaborate and complement the strengths of others on their teams. As a leader, you are a steward of the talents God places in your team. This tool is designed to help you build strengths-based ministry and project teams.  Click here to download this Complimentary free modeling tool. 

Sabbath Keeping

Recently I was invited to facilitate a three-day retreat for a group of overload pastors in the state of New York. In preparation, I asked my Pastor “what do you think is the most important thing I should share with these great church leaders?”. He said “tell them about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Holy”

Since I myself struggle with keeping this commandment I asked if he would be willing to share his vital thoughts in a video message.  Based on the response of the Pastors gathered I would like to share this video and the related resource kit that Dr. Steve Shaw provided.

Watch Video by Pastor Steve Shaw