Leadership Resources

Do you ever wonder why Jesus chose the words in his last conversation with Peter in John 21:15-17? In his most intimate recorded conversation Jesus tell Peter, if you really love me feed may sheep.  In these few words Jesus defines the highest leadership priority of a leader.

If you are a leader you are accountable for the talents and wellbeing of those God places in your care. To help you fulfill your role we wish to make all our resources available to you.

Engaged Church Seminar

Why are most pastors overloaded?

  • Could it be because in most churches 10% of the congregation do 90% of the work?
  • Why is it that few do so much while the majority do so little?
  • Could it be that, because Congregational engagement is declining, the church is losing its relevance in the lives of its people?

Overloaded lives negatively impact the health and well-being of Christian leaders, their families, and the church. This grieves the heart of our loving Heavenly Father

The following are some discussion questions to use as team after watching the attached video:

  • What are the risks and symptoms of overloaded pastors and laborers in your church? See Indicator tools
  • What role does talent stewardship play in defining the roles of pastors and leaders in the church?
  • It was said, “We value what we measure and we measure what we value.” How do you measure and evaluate engagement in the church? See engagement Surveys 
  • As leaders, how do we exercise our stewardship of the talents God has provided in our churches? See modeling tool 

More?  Get the Engaged Church Discussion Paper.