Overcoming Overload Coaching

Athletes worldwide appreciate the critical role effective coaching plays in their personal and professional development. The same applies to each of us in the game of life with its challenges and opportunities. We believe that everyone needs a coach.

While it has been our privilege to provide the Strengths Workshop to large and small groups, our greatest joy has been to see the impact of one on one personal coaching. Our priority is to follow the instructions Saint Paul gave to his disciple, Timothy, in 2 Timothy 2:2  “… the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” We coach you so you can coach others. Let us talk about it.

For those who have been impacted by the Strengths Workshop we are glad to share our tools and processes in coaching relationships.  Using the model of Jesus Christ, our free online course Strengths in Making Disciples offers a simplified facilitation and coaching model

Resources and Tools

  • Christ-Centered Caoching
  • Strengths in Makeing Desciples Workshop

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a, client-focused, purpose-driven, objective-based, action-oriented, time dependant personal relationship.

Client Said

“Your coaching empowered me to find clarity and focus in my roles and responsibilities; as a result I can prioritize my time in aligning my life calling with corporate vision and mission. I am applying some of your coaching approach and tools with my own pastoral team and hope they will use it with their ministry leaders. I would recommend every pastor to learn from your approach so to recalibrate his/her ministry and to rediscover a renewed sense of missional purpose which God has uniquely imprinted upon each individual.”

Dr. Andrew Lau, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Community Church

“Within the world of executive coaching, there are those who are astute, those who have experience, those who have ample expertise, but then there are those who have the gift of wisdom. Baha Habashy leverages this gift exquisitely in order to offer you keen insight and ask you questions that help you discover your need and potential”. Alfredo Umana, General Manage, &  Lisa Umana, Director, Leadership Development

Steve Ewing“… I have worked with many executive coaches in my past, but you have succeeded in really understanding where my challenges lie, and as such have pushed me to be accountable to those necessary changes that I wouldn’t have been able to see on my own.  … You helped me realize my potential both personally and professionally, something I was not able to do until now.” Steve Ewing, Vice President, Sales and Marketing (Past pro-hocky player)