Finding Your Sweet Spot in a Changing World

What Are Your Needs?

Diagnose before you prescribe. You are the only one who can correctly define your needs. The Sweet Spot Gauge is a free and confidential self-assessment tool. Its purpose is to help you see how you can better respond to your changing world. In response to a simple 10 statement survey, the system will e-mail you a personalised CONFIDENTIAL report along with some helpful FREE thoughts and tips

Are You Concerned?

Change is as certain as death and taxes. We all must face change. Family life changes, personal life changes and most certainly your work life is constantly changing. Even before Covid-19, technology and globalisation have created a culture of constant change in all aspects of our lives.

While change can be stressful, through the spirit of a sound mind which God has given, you can see new opportunities for progress and development in work and ministry. The purpose of this seminar is to help you find your sweet spot and fulfil your life callings.

What will you get from this seminar? 

Healthy change is not an event or something that happens to you. Healthy change is the product of an intentional process that engages your mind, your heart, and others.

The attached integrated framework highlights the three key questions we will answer in this interactive seminar:

  1. WHAT is your sweet spot? Unless you know and articulate what you are looking for, you cannot find it.
  2. WHO is your sweet spot? Your sweet spot depends on finding the right partners and those you seek to serve.
  3. WHERE is your sweet spot? Having the right process and tools will help you find your sweet post in a changing world.

In addition, in this interactive seminar:

  • We will discuss the five key factors that lead to job satisfaction: culture, chemistry, competency,  fair compensations, and contracts.
  • Based on the world renowned StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment tool, we will introduce you to a totally free Strengths Workshop that will help you discover your God-given strengths so you can fulfil your life callings.

What is the Webinar format or process?

  1. This webinar is structured to be participatory. Upon registration, to help you prepare, you will receive some self-discovery exercises. These thinking exercises are presented in the form of VERY important but less common interview and coaching questions.
  2. The one-hour webinar will include challenging thoughts and time along with thee very interesting video clips from key thought leaders.
  3. To support you in applying what you learn, the facilitators will be glad to meet with you in one on one coaching conversations at a future convenient time.

Who are The Webinar Developers and Facilitators?

Baha and Margaret Habashy seek to model partnership in life, work, and ministry. For almost 50 years of married life, God has taught them much through good and tough times.  They bring more than 40 years of combined corporate experience in many diverse leadership roles.  For the past 20 years, they have been the founding partners of Integrity+ Consulting, where they have offered seminars, workshops, and coaching. Working with clients as large as IBM and a small as teams in local churches, they helped leaders and knowledge workers improve corporate and personal effectiveness by overcoming the risks of the overloaded world.

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Clients Said:

  “This workshop allowed me to have a better understanding of my God-given strengths and how to leverage them in order to get a new job or to implement those strengths at my current job and church ministry. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others if you are looking for a new goal, personal growth, and development.”  Elkin Cardenas, Business Leader 

“After many years in the corporate world, I was starting my own life coaching and facilitation practice. This workshop was quite timely. I found it very enlightening!  It provided great information, ideas, strategies, and tools. It is confidence building; I definitely recommend  this workshop to others considering career or ministry changes.”    Christine Gonsalves, Life Coach

“As a pastor who cares for the wellbeing of people, I see how easy it is to get “stuck” in work or ministry roles that are draining. If this is how you feel, this seminar will assist you in getting “unstuck.”  As a narrative counselor, I appreciate the honest and vulnerable sharing of true-life experience, which gives me new insights about myself.  As a preacher and presenter, I valued the time, effort, and knowledge included in this workshop.”  Pastor Jackie Sheridan 

“The strengths workshop, specifically using our strengths in search for work, has helped bring relevancy and clarity to individuals like me who have been comfortable or stuck in a job or role, by understanding how my strengths can bring God’s glory through understanding how I can contribute to blessing others.  This has helped me understand better my place in a work environment.”   Simon Lim, Engineering Consultant 

“I would say this takes the Strengths workshop to the next level for application to a work or ministry vision. I highly recommend this session and have told my patients as well as family and friends about it.  I believe it is time well spent and that is a huge compliment as time is a very precious commodity.  I think that one’s use of what time we have left will be influenced by what is learned. That is a wonderful legacy.  Dr. Susan Gillis-Lawson