The Jar Of Life

What fills the jar of your life?

Life is filled with the little demands that consume our days. Take a moment and picture your life as a big jar. HOW you fill your life jar, not only what you fill it with, truly maters. There is a big lesson in this short 100 second video.


What do you think? What are the big rocks in your life that need special attention?

  • Is it your core values that need to be examined and clearly communicated?
  • Is it important relationships that have been neglected in your busy life?
  • Is it your professional skills or competencies that need to be upgraded?
  • Is it your business roles that have been victimized by organizational ambiguity?
  • Is it spiritual vitality that needs to be energized?
  • Is it physical fitness and mental agility that need to be cared for?
  • Is it emotional strength that needs to be replenished?
  • Is it career development plans that need to be examined in light of the changing world and economy?
  • Is it your financial stability or investment prudence that needs to be calibrated to face the turbulent markets?

Select one big rock that needs the most attention and put a plan to make the needed change.

Remember your life is the only dollar you’ve got. Do not let any one else spend it for you.

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