The Living Your Strengths Workshop

Condensed, customizable, high-impact training for groups and work teams.
Designed to help you discover your strengths and impact your community

The Gallup StrengthsFinder is a world-renowned tool. It is used by 90% of the largest companies and many leading universities.

Starting with this amazing tool, The Strengths Workshop will help you:

  • Give a name to your unique strengths
  • Build your identity and self-esteem based on your God-given strengths
  • Develop a language that describes what makes you special
  • Build a plan to use your strengths for maximum impact on your community.

For Leaders

The Strengths Workshop is a team-building and leadership development tool.

The attached video will challenge leaders to consider Strengths-based Leadership and improve employee engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity. The Strengths Workshop will help your team communicate, collaborate, delegate, and live more effectively.

Contact us. We will gladly share the experience of clients we have served over the past 20 years.


“This material is very transferable and culturally very relevant.  We conducted this training for our organizational leaders and staff from 12 different countries. This workshop is a “MUST ATTEND” for every pastor, missionary and leader. The power of this workshop is multiplied when you take it with your work or ministry team.

I have personally attended this workshop several times, and every time I walk away with new insights. We even had our two young children do the children survey and this impacted our whole family.”

“I took this workshop with the purpose of helping my teenage son focus his schooling. In the process, it helps me to reinforce my strengths and rediscover what I forgot.

For a long time, I have been pushing my son to focus on math & science which may be his lesser strengths. This has caused a lot of friction in our relationship.  After the workshop, I decided to change my focus and be a more affirming Dad. Things have improved a lot, both in our relationship and at school.  I totally recommend this to every Dad who wants to help his kids.”  

What Do You Get?

The Wellness Gauge is a personal and confidential tool that will help you define your needs.
The pre-workshop exercises will help you discover:

Our clients say that “How we do what we do is more important than what we do.”

How Does It Work?

The Strengths Workshop is a leadership process.

  1. First, we will meet to understand your corporate strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  2. The confidential Living Your Strengths Gauge provides a consolidated report by which we tailor the Strengths Workshop content and process.
  3. Pre-workshop personal exercises and one-on-one interviews will help each person prepare for an optimum learning experience.
  4. The condensed high-energy collaborative workshop will inspire and challenge each person to live their best for the glory of God and the good of others.
  5. The follow-up one-on-one coaching will seek to address personal needs and challenges.

The Strengths Workshop is a personal experience.

  1. Starting with a confidential survey, you will define your personal needs.
  2. Our pre-training web-based meeting will help us gauge and define how we can best serve you.
  3. The workshop event is a tailored, collaborative relationship-building experience.
  4. The post-workshop one-on-one coaching seeks to affirm and meet specific personal needs.
  5. Our two resource books will help participants continue on the journey of self-improvement.

Do You Need This?


As part of the Strengths Ministry, there is no charge for this webinar; participants are encouraged to make a free-will donation to their church or designated ministry.